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Food Photography

You’ve selected your brand colors, your patterns, fonts and logos but now you have to tell your brand story. While it’s great to write your brand story using words, chances are that the majority of consumers will never read it. That’s where photography comes into play. You can separate yourself from your competition by incorporating your story into each photo.

Storytelling with food might seem challenging, but it’s actually not that difficult. Food is often seen as an art and most chefs know the importance of presentation. Once you’ve nailed your presentation, you’ll need to find the right setting for your food. You wouldn’t want beautiful plating with a background of a dirty kitchen. Every little detail is going to be captured in the photos and things that appear small to the human eye will be amplified in the final result.

Let’s explore some examples of storytelling through food photography.

Masaru Knives

Food Branding

This amazing photography project was executed by Kai Stiepel and food stylist Guido Gravelius. Kai has worked in the cosmetics industry for years, where he took the concept of powder and applied it to a different environment.

Imaro Tsukasa Sake

Food Branding

This unique idea uses compressed colored powder with plate indents and requires the images to be extremely sharp. Kai achieved this by focus stacking and editing the final results to perfection. The full resolution images and the full project can be seen on his Behance page.

POJ Studio

Food Branding

POJ Studio is a great example of brand positioning done right. They know their audience and they’re very successful at fulfilling that client base’s expectations. Furthermore, they’re always innovating their field while maintaining the same core brand values. This provides extra insurance when competitors try to take over your space in the market. In addition, this makes their marketing efforts much easier and much cheaper because they can rely on their customers.

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory

Lemonade Branding

Tokyo Milk Cheese Factory is one of the most well known cheese products in Japan, a country that is known for having a very bad selection of cheese. Their products sell at a high premium and people love them. This is an example of how important branding is when you’re trying to sell more of something at a higher price. People instantly recognize their products and expect to pay a lot of money for a product they see as premium.

Cuzen Matcha

Food Branding

A prime example of luxurious branding that reflects a premium product that consumers pay very good money for. Your branding must reflect in all of your products. Cuzen Matcha benefits from consumers putting their products on display in their homes and sharing them on social media. This is just another example of how good branding and product design results in free marketing.

MD Midori

Alcohol Branding

You might be wondering how a company could possibly use branding to sell more paper. The people at MD Midori have figured out how to solve that challenge. They took a product as plain as paper and somehow manage to use minimalistic branding to sell more of it at a higher price. And it works! This Japanese brand of paper is well known to stationary enthusiasts worldwide.

Takeda Brushes

Cheese Branding
This project was created by THINK! McCann Ukraine and it was for their client, Club of Cheese.
People who worked on this are: Belka Strelka (production), Yaroslav Danylchenko (photography), Bigfishhouse (post-production), Alexandra Gordeeva (food stylist) and Tatiana Kremen (style)


Food Branding

G-SHOCK is a brand known by almost everyone in the world. These watches are known for being extremely durable and everything about the brand sells consumers on that main brand value. But having a durable watch isn’t enough. The company faces the challenge of making their product fashionable and they’ve succeeded at doing that for many years.