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Niche Branding
Hospitality and F&B

Founded in Canada, we’ve brought many successful strategies from North America and adapted them to the Southeast Asian market as a leading creative agency in Singapore and Malaysia, specializing in brand strategy and brand direction. Our team is highly reliable at navigating today’s fast-paced marketplace and we’re passionate about solving problems while achieving brand goals.

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Brand Strategy & Brand Direction

Branding is the gut feeling that consumers have about your business and your products. It’s the first thing they see when forming an opinion and determining their willingness to purchase your products or services.
The purpose of branding is to create a reputation while building a loyal tribe of consumers. Business owners use this to get more people to buy more of something for more years at a higher price.
Almost anyone can benefit from branding. If you’re in a competitive industry, others can steal your product, sell it for cheaper, steal your employees, etc. By creating a trusted brand with a positive reputation, you’re essentially adding another layer of insurance to prevent your competition from disrupting your business. In addition, you will benefit from increased sales at a higher price, word-of-mouth promotion, an increase in return customers and most importantly, a trusted reputation.
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We know what’s important to your brand and we know the right questions to ask thanks to our team of experienced branding specialists.

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FUHU Vibe Dining
It's The Ship Music Fest
RedTail Social Lounge
Zouk Nightclub
Lafleur Bakery
FUHU Shack
Rockaway Fest
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Guava Media

We understand business. Our team members have worked as creative directors at big companies and understand the internal structure of those companies. In addition, we also run our own businesses, therefore we understand what’s important to the stakeholders that hire us. Our ability to put ourselves in everyone’s shoes is what makes so many of our projects successful. We’ve been helping clients increase sales drastically without them ever having to launch a new product.

Our goal is to make an impact on every business we work with and build a lasting relationship where everyone wins. Our philosophy is that everyone can gain something valuable; ourselves, the companies we work with and the consumers that purchase their goods and services.


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As a leading branding agency in Asia, we’re always ready to discuss your goals and how to achieve them. Send us a message and we’ll get in touch with you soon.

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