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Looking for A Fresh Start?

So here’s the thing. We’re constantly on the hunt for like-minded talent – folks that live for inventing and executing awesome ideas. We need people who aren’t afraid to try new things, the ones who spot a new feature in the morning and have it implemented by the afternoon. We love passionate designers and video creators, disruptive artists and illustrators, and people who can shake up social media.

So, wanna join us?

Great Perks

  • A job at a renowned design agency.
  • A great salary above industry average.
  • An environment that contributes enormously to your professional development.
  • Weekly get-togethers and social events.
  • Flexible number of holidays – you can rest when needed.
  • You can work from everywhere. Our office, your home or even your favorite cafe.
  • A full-time job with a lot of independence for 40 hours a week.
  • and much more …

We’re Looking For

  • Marketing Director
  • Hand Lettering Artist
  • Video Editor
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